Friday, September 11, 2009

what? no way!

so i came across this little band a few years back from new jersey called titus andronicus, and at first thought i wondered about the name, like are they gonna sing all about shakespeare all the time? i got their first 7" from my buddy joe's label, shake appeal records, and i fell in love with t instantly, i didn't really hear much about them after that, but i think they may have put out a couple more records. regardless, i saw they had a hole in their tour and were looking to fill it, so i emailed them to see if they wanted a show here in provo and they took the bait. can't wait for this show. not your typical black lips rip-off band. i find a kind of catchy dissonance intheir music that i really like. i think these guys share members with VCR (remember the first post on here?) any way check these dudes out at the compound on sunday with so so glos (brooklyn) and locals big trub on sunday.
here's a vid for arms against apathy:

here's the myspace:

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