Sunday, September 27, 2009

couch dancing

i was commenting to newlin today that i wanted to listen to something i haven't listened to in a long time. but i didn't know what. i've been uploading photos from compound shows and for some reason i get kinda nostalgic when i do that, dunno why, some of these shows were only like a week ago. still, i try not to get caught up too heavily in nostalgia, sure i've mentioned that before.
moving on.
i was thinking about bands that walk the line between nostalgia and productivity and i was like, man, no one does that better than '68 comeback. doesn't matter how far back into music jeff & co reach, they still keep what they're doing fresh. dead friends seem like they just died with these dudes. i pulled out "a bridge too fuckin far" as i set bout my task of documenting compound shows on facebook and it felt perfect.
someday my prince will come:

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