Monday, August 24, 2009

some crap from down under

ran across these dudes a bit ago while scouring youtube. i was hunting for only ones songs and you know how it goes on you tube, one thing leads to another...television addict by the victims:

here a fansite:

singer went on to do hoodoo gurus. i liked them when i was 14. i like the victims more.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

getting nostalgic

i forgot how good this record is compared to the stuff i've heard recently:

i kinda hate it when a band like this puts out an over-produced record. kills all their energy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009





Monday, August 17, 2009

trans-linguistic garage snot

i don't really know much about jaques dutronc other than i've found some really catchy shit by him on you tube. i've kinda halfassedly looked for some of his records on ebay, but it hasn't gone father than that because i don't have any $$. oh well. maybe some of the other earwaxers can direct you to good and better stuff, but i dig this one a lot:

here's a myspace:
listen to et moi et moi et moi

in that myspace there's a link to a wikipedia page.

church of the snake!

in provo on tuesday night!
color club
the boy who could fly!
here's bryan gomm's flyer:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

this one is for cassie s

haha. here's your japanese culture:

the mayyors

Saturday, August 15, 2009

today is a sad sad day. RIP Jim Dickinson.

i have no clue where to start. i like making short posts on this blog, because most times you can get a good idea of what a band or singer is trying to do with one key song. it isn't that that one song can define the entire project of the band or person, but many times it gives you a way to orient yourself to where the band is from, or maybe an artistic philosophy they're working expressed in sound. i believe when you can understand, at least in some part, where they are coming from it can give you a better sense of where they are going. for me it opens up a space for reference. i think i really understood how this concept worked through reading about and hearing and seeing people like jim dickinson play music, or listen to the bands he recorded and produced, and not to mention the things he said about music. a large part, for me, of this information comes from robert gordons brilliant "nonfiction" book called "it came from memphis. go pick it up. if it wasn't for that book i don't think i would have immersed myself in the story of memphis music. and i wouldn't have really cared at all about people like jim dickinson or alex chilton or furry lewis or tav falco and i wouldn't have understood their importance to some of my favorite bands like the oblivians. it's funny how one person can create such an ariadne's thread. jim dickinson was kind of an embodiemtn of that idea. he had his hands in many many types of music and was involved in many many peoples lives. i only met him once, but he was one fo the few folks around that got me star struck. and he wasnt even a star. haha, the record industry hated him. he did what he wanted and was a maverick from the start. i hate knowing that a guy like him won't be around to fuck with the powers that be.
like i said at the beginning, i don't know where to start with his music, so i'll post my favorite song he was involved in:
i believe he was on piano

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For such a small island, New Zealand sure produced a TON of great music.

This is one of my favorite songs ever, and I was so beyond stoked to score the record a month or so ago. Great live footage, too. It's just a damn shame that this band only released three songs before breaking up and becoming Bailter Space. Enjoy!


i'm really pissed i didn't know about these dudes earlier. its kinda like that king tuff thing. i want their lp but its out of print and i'm waiting for the reissue.
they got a 45 coming out on trouble in mind records. dig them.

love songs?

i was at work today talking to nick about doo-wop. its one of my favorite things about nick. he loves doo-wop. and he has a pretty good knowledge of it, way better than me. but the irony is he loves a lot of crap. like real bad crap, richard marx crap. regardless, i brought up nolan strong because nolan strong has to have one of my favorite voices ever. a real smooth tenor that kinda gets shaky on the low parts. beautiful. makes him sound kinda nervous. and nothing is more perfect in a love song than sounding nervous. i found a "video" for "if i (oh i)". i think its my fav of his stuff with the diablos:

here's another on i love, its the everly brothers doing "when will i be loved. no one did that haunted pop like those dudes.

i'm gonna post a few more, this next one is by the purify brothers, "can't keep a good man down". i've played this at a few parties, and i think its my fav by these dudes.

this one isn't so much of a "love song", its more uptempo, and originally it was a sam cooke number (which was slower) but sam and dave hopped it up a bit:

i guess i can't end this without sam cooke. so smooth.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New on Goaty Tapes

It's always nice when a label puts a little bit of TLC into their packaging as sometimes the music just ain't enough. I mean, isn't artwork half the joy of a record? New York's Sacred Bones Records is a great exemplifier of this, what with their unifying cover aesthetics, nice silk-screen jobs, and beautiful old-time / future-shock crypto-zoological artwork. Another label currently treading the same articulate path is the Goaty Tapes label, whose packaging is as uniquely psychedelic as the music that it encapsulates, and they have just dropped a couple brand new winning releases.

First up is the Cro-Magnon / Circuit des Yeux / Bird split release, which is actually a very interesting conceptual piece. Can a split really be considered a split when the artists are practically the same on both sides of the tape? Let me explain -- see, while there may be three names present on this release, the music inside is really only made by two young girls out of Lafayette, IN -- Haley Fohr and Katie Leming. Together they are Cro-Magnon; separately they release music on their own as Circuit des Yeux and Bird, respectively. On the a-side, Cro-Magnon opens things up with "Crop Circles", a decidedly more musical affair than anything found on their 7" on Bruit Direct, recalling a bit of that mid-90s K Records sound, or possibly some of the less caustic moments of Little Claw. "Crying From the Invasion", the second and last tune on the Cro-Magnon side, is more in spirit with the abrasion that I'm used to from these girls. With its discordant string noise and eerie vocal incantations, it calls to mind the Shining soundtrack by way of Diamanda Galas. And while it is an enjoyable bit of skin-crawl, it feels as if it's missing something. Over on the b-side, CdY steps up first with what very well could be an out-take from her recent LP, Sirenum (De Stijl). Haley seems to have found a comfortable stride in formless wailing, and tuneless, detuned acoustic string scraping. I don't recommend listening to this late at night. That is, unless you like giving yourself the creeps. I suppose it's no coincidence that Jandek is one of her top friends on Myspace. Bird is next with what I believe is only her second officially released song (the first being on the great XXperiments compilation released last year on Die Stasi). With "Swamp Cry" Katie builds a multi-tracked vocal procession over the top of a warbly low-end hum that sounds not too far removed from Mongolian throat singing. Katie's vocal excersise starts out in sync with itself, and by the end of the song diverges into two seperate entities, making for a bit of a disorrienting listen. But it's the kind of disorrientation that makes for an enjoyably challenging listen.

Next is the Bone Patrol U.S. / Varlet Tarsod CS, which continues somewhat in the same tradition as the above Cro-Magnon CS, pairing different projects of the same people alongside one another. The subject in question this time around is Madison, WI's Dead Luke, who's made quite a name for himself lately with multiple releases under both his name and as half of Absinthe Minds, not to mention the mastermind behind the excellent Jerkwave Tapes label. With Bone Patrol U.S. Luke is paired up with psychedelic minimalist Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights and Rahdunes, wherein they serve up a very hazey, lo-fi Western raga guitar dual. Imagine Earth's Southern Lord releases with a heavy Ravi Shankar bent, droning low and high notes weaving in and out of each other, buzzing, rumbling, and generally making good for melting into the couch staring at the ceiling for a while. From there things slowly move to some cacophonous synthesizer wailing, sounding like some kind of foghorn symphony with occasional free-form wailing in the background. I coulda done without this part, but the trance-guitar work-out more than makes up for it. Over on the other side, Luke finds a new solo venture under the nom de plume Varlet Tarsod. Seemingly using Bobby Beausoleil's Lucifer Rising soundtrack as a launching pad, Varlet brings us "Psychic Desert", and, with its high lonesome synth and guitar explorations, it's a pretty fitting title. Luke seems to have a knack for intertwining different ideas and not letting certain themes carry on for too long, with drums and tambourines fading into blissed out synth-scapes, building into a dark psychedelic pulse with wah'd-out guitar drifting over the top.

Keep an eye out for these as they probably won't last too long. I ordered direct, which yielded prompt results.

HARLEM in provo this week.

thursday night at the compound these dudes will be playing with forest world and neighborhood zero. should be a party.
here's a vid:


Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Aislers Set

One of my favorite bands! They formed in San Francisco in 97 and haven't released anything since 2003. Sad.
This is Amy Linton's previous band Henry's Dress

Thursday, August 6, 2009

some of my favorite dudes ever

and they happen to play some of the funnest rocknroll going. box elders rule. they just put out their first lp on goner records. i just ordered it. i got a cd copy from jeremiah (guitar) when they played in slut lake with cursive and it rules. can't wait for my CLEAR (!) copy to get here.
here's them playing "cougar" in columbus:


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Charlie and the Moonhearts

I wonder why most of my favorite bands come from the Bay Area these days?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

holly golightly

i first heard of holly golightly when one of my friends saw broken flowers and told me to listen to this song, "tell me now so i know." it was great, and kind of sexy too.

then i overplayed the song and forgot about her, until today, when bryan asked me if i had heard thee headcoatees. i hadn't, so i checked them out, and discovered that holly golightly was in there. i remembered how much i liked that song and decided to find some of her others. "run cold" is by far my favorite. check it out--good female vocalists, REALLY good lady singers, are hard to find.

Girls of the Gravitron

Joey should appreciate this- straight out of Memphis, GOTG play weird, lo-fi psychedelic pop. It's pretty enjoyable stuff. Plus, I absolutely love their name.

[EDIT] They've got a 7" out on Boom Chick Records.

Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire

The great Billy Childish's latest band rules.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


it doesn't matter where i hear this song or how many times i hear it: "i can't explain" always puts me in a good mood and always makes me feel like dancin. if i could only have one album by the who, it would definitely be my generation. solid gold.

doing what i do best...

procrastinating, or generally not using my time constructively. its been a problem (depending on who you talk to) since i was a kid. i "should" be cleaning my house and doing dumb shit like laundry. i don't feel like it. i feel like listening to the turpentine brothers. good folks who hail from boston via new mexico. i got into them because i like mr. airplane man, they share drummers. here's a vid from their S/T lp:


as far as i'm aware, none of their records are out of print. grab a few if you see them.

R.I.P. Billy Lee Riley...

one of the earlier rock-a-billy singers on the scene. notorious for being out of control.
here's one of my favorite music videos ever, and it happens to be of a song he does:

hope they can handle his crazy ass in heaven. RIP

Saturday, August 1, 2009

movie star junkies...

i found an actual video these guy did. kinda cool. i still remember pinning their singer to the ceiling and holding him there for like 5 minutes while the rest of the band played and laughed at him.

for the benefit of bryan, and anyone else who doesn't know about tokyo electron.

here's a clip from the gonerfest 2 video:

one of the meatier bands out there. ryan was in the reatards and the wongs and destruction unit and digital leather for a sec. he's doing earthmen and strangers now too. and probably some more i don't know about.
darker stuff. i think about them at the same time as the lamps and demons claws and it works.

heres the myspace: