Tuesday, August 11, 2009

love songs?

i was at work today talking to nick about doo-wop. its one of my favorite things about nick. he loves doo-wop. and he has a pretty good knowledge of it, way better than me. but the irony is he loves a lot of crap. like real bad crap, richard marx crap. regardless, i brought up nolan strong because nolan strong has to have one of my favorite voices ever. a real smooth tenor that kinda gets shaky on the low parts. beautiful. makes him sound kinda nervous. and nothing is more perfect in a love song than sounding nervous. i found a "video" for "if i (oh i)". i think its my fav of his stuff with the diablos:

here's another on i love, its the everly brothers doing "when will i be loved. no one did that haunted pop like those dudes.

i'm gonna post a few more, this next one is by the purify brothers, "can't keep a good man down". i've played this at a few parties, and i think its my fav by these dudes.

this one isn't so much of a "love song", its more uptempo, and originally it was a sam cooke number (which was slower) but sam and dave hopped it up a bit:

i guess i can't end this without sam cooke. so smooth.


c. said...

this is my favorite post on here.

JS said...

Joey, have you read that conversation between Soriano and Dan Melchior in the last Z-Gun? If you haven't, then make an effor to do so. It's one of the best interviews I've ever read.

deadcityrebel said...

is that the one you gave me?

JS said...

no it's after that. but you can pick it up from S-S Records for five bucks.

deadcityrebel said...

i need $5 first. ha.