Friday, July 31, 2009

ladies and gentlemen, presenting KING TUFF

dig it, children.

i dunno what it is about bonehead simple rocknroll that i like so much. but i like it.
here's the myspace:

here's some more info i found at the victim of time website:

what guitar wolf does best...

wacky crazy "blinkin' blinkin' jivin' jivin' shit"*. here's a vid from the John Michael McCarthy film "sore losers" directed by JMM featuring guitar wolf:

basically any record you buy from guitar wolf is going to kick your ass, so go wild.
also, JMM films rule. the only rocknroll movies being made nowadays that are worth watching are made by him. RIP basswolf.

*muddy waters

Thursday, July 30, 2009

gun club

prob my fav gun club song...ghost on the highway
there isn't much to the vid. just audio.

here's another good spirit

i can't help but think ian astbury took big cues from jeffrey lee pierce. makes the cult even less interesting. i've also been thinking about the similarities in the vocal stylings of black francis compared to pierce too. dunno. whatever.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh yeah...

so some buddies in chicago started a label called "trouble in mind" and its looking like they'll be releasing really really cool shit.
if you like stuff we post on this blog it is very likely you'll like what these dudes are selling.
plus they just had a really cute kid. so unless you want a baby to starve please buy the records they sell.

crystal stilts

i've kinda been obsessed with this band the last few days. i don't have any of their records because i'm stupid and buy other things. like rent. yes, you're going to say they sound like joy division. thats because they do. its ok. don't hate them. a good ripoff is better than a bad one, and this is a very good ripoff.

frankie, their drummer used to drum for vivian girls, but was replaced by someone less cool. she was proba my fav viv girl too. sad.


you know when you suddenly remember this awesome song but you can't remember the name of it, or the name of the band, and it drives you crazy? yeah, that happened to me this morning. fortunately the words i remembered happened to be the title of the song (i love you oh no!), and myspace music search led me to plastics.

the problem with these guys is that they only released two albums between 1979-80. there's a greatest hits-type collection that seems to be easier to find (by that i mean, i found a copy selling for $25 instead of $70), but for the most part, they have a bunch of songs on the fan myspace and some great music videos on youtube that will do.

i love the guitar solo on this one, not to mention the video itself.

p.s. i swear i'll post more than j-pop videos, but this is seriously the summer of all things 80s for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thee Oh Sees

Since their excellent 2006 psych-folk release Cool Death of Island Raiders, the acid-drenched sounds of Thee Oh Sees have had a nearly constant presence on my stereo. Rumor has it they'll be hitting up the Compound with the also incredible Fresh & Onlys sometime in late September, so keep yer eyeballs peeled. You really don't want to miss out on seeing these guys live.

shonen knife

one of my best pals drove down from new york last weekend to hang out. when we weren't at the beach or the waffle house we were watching hard gay and bootlegged anime. more and more we wished we were japanese. sure, the japanese have their problems too, but try finding another pop culture as brightly colored and adorably packaged. if you don't believe me, just check out this gem from shonen knife.

eddy current

sorry, couldn't help posting this. brendan at the top of his game

ty segall: lemons

i should probably be downstairs getting into this record but i'm not because i got food poisoning last night from betos. i thought they loved me.
its a departure from the castleface lp in that its a bit more subdued and the songs are a little less stompy. still pretty good. the highlight for me, tho, is the beefheart cover. if you aren't checking this guy out you need to. lotsa fun stuff he's doing lately.
here's a vid from the last lp:

and heres his myspace:

Monday, July 27, 2009


Here's a rather kick-ass band from Oakland, California: Bare Wires. These dudes look and sound like something from 1976, and they recently came out with a new LP, Artificial Clouds, on Tic Tac Totally records. It's real good, so go buy it! That is all.

uh oh, another blog i'll forget to post shit on.

but i invited cassie s to post stuff too and i'll invite a few other folks as well who frequent the compound a lot.

so this is an attempt at a music blog for people who don't really listen to what i listen to. hopefully i'll gain a few more fans for bands i like. and the bands other folks like too.

here's one i was telling cassie about today, a band from new jersey called V.C.R. (vice city rockers)
don't let the acronym fool you.
they good

here's a vid too.