Saturday, September 19, 2009

i can't believe i've neglected writing about them: the demon's claws

i came across these guys in about 2006 then got to see them play at the last hozac blackout, also in 2006. they decimated me. this is closest thing i can think of to describing how they play: once i was hiking in the mountains around here and i was pretty high up and i was near a gravel slide and decided i wanted to take a short cut down. so i started making my way down this gravel slide and didn't realize how steep it was so i either had to slide down on my ass or run. since ruining a pair of jeans wasn't appealing i decided to run, and it wasn't so much running as it was giant leaps with no control. i was going so fast that each "step" was about ten feet apart. and there was no slowing down, and i was simultaneously in and out of control, and it was totally beyond my control. that's what i think of when i listen to the demons claws, once they start they can't control what happens. they're some of those folks who continue to prove sound is a physical force. i've been listening to their records over and over again the past few days. i kinda get stuck on their latest lp, "satans little pet pig", and have slowly realized i really want to rip off every song they do. i'm fine with that.

please head over to the nearest wrong side of town:


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