Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i'm all about the hunches right now

the other night bryan and i were hanging out and i was looking for something to listen to that i hadn't played ina while. i saw the hunches ye no shut it lp and was like, hm, this could work. and, of course, it did. i had almost forgotten how much i dig those dudes. i missed out on their last lp, but yes no shut it and hobo sunrise will keep me afloat til i can find a copy of the final one. it occurred to me the other night that the hunches are the band i always want to be in. i don't know if i've heard a better example of music so continually close to falling apart. the songs always regroup and set back out to self destruct.

here's an ITR link:

here's the myspace:

here's a vid of a show at kraftbrau in 2006:

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